Exercise: Mixing Materials into paint

Where in the previous exercise the objective was to create textured surfaces with a wide range of existing materials in this exercise it was suggested to mix some of these textures into the paint using a brush, palette brush and even my fingers as application tools. Amongst these textured materials were: Himalayan salt, coffee granules, […]

Overall evaluation for Drawing 1

(For the assessment there is slightly different version of the written Overall Evaluation for Drawing 1, explaining in more detail the choice of the 12 artworks chosen which has been included in the postage parcel) Gosh!!! What a journey! Going back to review all the work starting from part 1 all the way to part 5 I […]

Part 5 Personal project

Angels At the first glance of reading the theme choice options for project 5 a personal project, my attention was drawn right away to “Line, Shape and Space” an open type theme that would allow me to give my own personal interpretation based on my theme concept. I have always been fascinated by spiritual concepts […]

Part 4 Realization

Wow!!! Finally part 4 finished!!! Hopefully!!!! Another milestone reached where more challenges appeared and had to be dealt with. I do feel that my ability to sketch and draw has somehow improved. I have also become more aware of the importance of taking the time to look at artists’ work where they always have something […]

Assignment 4

1 Figure study using line – Seated model in an upright chair The main objective of this part of assignment 4 was to create a three-dimensional using line, gradually with every build up attempt to describe form, detail. This part actually took me a whole week to complete as my lovely niece patiently posed for […]