Part 4 Realization

Wow!!! Finally part 4 finished!!! Hopefully!!!! Another milestone reached where more challenges appeared and had to be dealt with. I do feel that my ability to sketch and draw has somehow improved. I have also become more aware of the importance of taking the time to look at artists’ work where they always have something to suggest whether new knowledge to be gained or simply be inspired!!!! I think the main happening for me was that moment of self-portrait exercise where I had to face myself; this endless and tiring concealment, the pain, the yearning but also the determination to learn, grow and develop…… and achieve what I have set out to do!!!!

I am actually looking forward to my tutor’s critique which I find valuable. It is the pin pointed weakness and suggestions towards improvement that will help me to improve. I am pausing for a second…….. Taking a deep breath…….exhaling……. I am ready to continue with Part 5.

Reflection on Tutors Report for Part 4/Assignment 4

I will reflect on some of my tutor’s comment where I find it necessary to work on my weaknesses and therefore strive for improvement. I have been looking forward to this report as this will help me improve and take the critique on board so that I can hopefully demonstrate a higher level of artistic competence (in all aspects)  in Part 5.

Project 1- fabric and form and cloth- the initial exercises are very tamed and although you can work from studies well they do not add much excitement to what we already see in fabric creases. There are some good use of media to show tones and shadows on the creases though. The figures in cloth show an understanding of the form very well but the application of the media is too heavy handed and this disguises some of the more subtle forms of the anatomy. Also they are too angular which makes them quite harsh.

Going back to review the work in relation to my tutor’s comments it is as if I seeing something with a new scope as certain weaknesses have been brought to my attention. So looking at the first exercise where I drew fabric over a chair I can see now that even though I was vigilant and patient to draw the chair with the draped creased fabric it was just a drawing and nothing more. Looking back I was too concerned with the technical side and missed out on including some exiting elements. There was definitely more excitement in the close-ups where I had the freedom to use a range of mixed media and not feeling restricted.

It had been a long time for me to attend live figure drawing class so I do agree that this drawing is heavy handed which restricted me in achieving more subtle forms of the anatomy. My tendency to approach the drawing as a fashion illustration rather than draw in a fine art manner kept coming through which made the drawing too angular and harsh. Reviewing this work at this stage of my work progression I can totally comprehend this critique.

Project 2- proportion- you have no problem with the proportions of the anatomy here but sometimes you over work it so the outlines become too apparent and dominating. Again, back to previous suggestions, less is more. Try and challenge yourself by drawing the figure with using only subtle tones working from the middle outwards without doing any outlines.

 Saying this, in the bleach piece you realize that the charcoal became too dark and so added more bleach. Using bleach is an ambitious way to work and this is a technique worth remembering. Again, using highlights to take away the dark areas has corrected the figure but adding the bleach goes back to a flat dark image. Know when to stop. Leave work, start another exercise and come back to it with fresh eyes.

The outline indeed keeps coming out repeatedly too strong. Baring this in mind I will aim at starting with subtle tones beginning from the middle and moving outwards. Also I need to start taking time out by moving away from artwork to come back and see it with fresh eyes. By doing so I will be able to see more and consider stopping at a certain work stage. Point taken!!!!

The stance exercise from a flat screen has allowed you to be more fluid and encompass the body volume. Try and sway away from the static and locked position as this hinders you. Figures could be more sensual with movement so they are not so angular and rigid.

For me to discover and achieve a more sensual figure drawing outcome with movement, I realize the importance that taking the advice on boards and by continuing to draw the figure with a strong intention to avoid the rigid angular drawing result, will pave the way towards improvement. I just have to keep drawing to gain more experience and awareness.

Project 5 the moving figure– this exercise does not show your best abilities as they are quite static. When you have a particular pose and an intention of a movement, you concentrate on the technical ability of capturing the correct position too much and this stifles your creativity by getting it right rather than being experimental with the media you use. You use your imagination more when you have a little to work with. 

For this exercise I was aware of my weaknesses right from the beginning but realistic at the same time to mention that for me to overcome this hurdle of achieving movement I need more drawing experience; basically persistence in figure drawing especially the figure in motion. Reading this comment could not have come at a more perfect time as I now realize the importance of making sure not to get too stuck on the technical aspect and lose out on the creative with the media.

Three figure drawings- the pose, the clothing and the stance of this subject is not your best work, it is too stifled and rigid and you have gone back to your illustrative style. It is very predictable and safe and from your more expressive works, I would avoid this style of working.

Reading through this comment I keep thinking it is mostly directed at the standing figure and perhaps a bit the lounging one. With the seated figure I tried to be more experimental and actually attempted more subtleness in the use of the ink and wax media. I actually need to reassess which additional artworks I will be sending as part of my final assessment for Drawing 1.

Your own face- mission accomplished indeed! An exciting interpretation to depict your self-portrait and it is very bold. It is dark and intriguing and here you have thought about a personal voice and interpreted your anxiety of yourself. The fact that you have made a close-up is a worthwhile focus to take rather than showing the whole face as the viewer has the impact of what you are trying to say. The colours are appropriate but be careful of the faded and dry brush effect as it seems a little unfinished.  

Reflecting on this positive comment acts a reminder that I should carry this attitude of personal voice into my Assignment 5. Reading this made me more aware as to why I chose the theme of my choice and why with what intention. Food for thought!



  • The bleach piece is dark and contains much narrative with it’s murky colours and negative spaces. Again, the figure is quite angular which shows a lack of form and solidity. Although expressive it contains a sense of ambition.

I am really concerned with this angular discord result. I hope to kick off this bad drawing habit which has resulted from studying fashion design.

  • this is very different and the three assignment pieces show your determination to investigate all sorts of media. This piece shows technical ability with foreshortening and a subtle sense of colour to depict the pose.  


  • This piece is a little flat compared with your other portraits. Try not to be too ambitious with putting everything in one piece, such as the collage. It is a startling image and this evokes the viewer.

Overworking, overloading…. The story of my art life…. I need to know when to stop and keep remembering less is more. But know how much and when will come with time, lots of practice and endless determination to improve; awareness and experience.

All three pieces show a diversity in your approach and a personal voice but do compare them to your other assignment pieces as to which is stronger.

Compared to all my assignments in Part 4, my self-portrait was the strongest as having resolved the technical aspect and choice of media there was a strong concept as to why and what the self- portrait was trying to convey. Looking back what was missing out of the two figure drawings, 1& 2 was the intent, the concept which the third section of the assignment I did have. Had there been a concept perhaps more than just a drawing would have been captured. For me the line proofed to be the most challenging. Funnily enough for my Assignment 5 I have opted for line shape and form…… I am facing my demon!!!!!

You continue to use your sketchbook in an investigative way and you clearly want to understand how materials work. What is concerning me at the moment is your loss of concepts and what you want the viewer to see in your work and also what the techniques, mark making and application can say. Get back into the habit of analysing your own work from an objective point of view. What can the expressive quality and colours used say? This doesn’t have to be anything concrete but be aware what meanings they could evoke. You describe your process well, but what about your intentions?

As mentioned previously I am aware that there was too much focus on the technical competence and missed out on the concept. I need to make sure Part 5 gets the best of the two worlds.. This comment is especially important and right on time which has inspired me and challenged me to do a bit of soul searching as to why I chose my theme and with what intention. Also, be more aware of the choice of colours, composition and so on. At the end of the day it has to connect to me and have something to say. I need to focus on my intentions and the underlying real reason!!!!

Some excellent comparisons have been made rather than treating each artist as a single piece of research, e.g. changes of the nude over the centuries. You have been insightful with this research and dissected big subjects in a personal way from a religious point of view to the more contemporary subject matters of sexuality and the sensual. Some mature thinking has been done but now try and make your work more contemporary by feeding these secular issues into your visual work so it does not seem dated and traditional.

To be able to make my work more contemporary I need to look at more contemporary secular aspects of modern artwork to avoid overdone, outdated outcomes.

Question your intentions and the possible meanings your work could communicate. Dark, expressive works could evoke suffering especially with the poses and light pieces could evoke escapism. Just remember to match up your concepts with the actual drawing as though it was being viewed with someone was standing in front of it.

For me this last pointer comment made me more aware about how, why and what is going to involve in my assignment 5. Specifically the choice of warm light tones……. I am so tempted to write now but I have to leave this for part 5.



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