Overall evaluation for Drawing 1

(For the assessment there is slightly different version of the written Overall Evaluation for Drawing 1, explaining in more detail the choice of the 12 artworks chosen which has been included in the postage parcel)

Gosh!!! What a journey! Going back to review all the work starting from part 1 all the way to part 5 I can now see evidence of improvement in technical skills, approaching themes from a conceptual point of view, connecting etc. I loved the idea of working beyond the exercise as this encouraged me to follow the rules and break them at the same time; taking risks even though this could mean sacrificing the artwork. In my opinion it is this risk taking out of the comfort zone attitude that creates these exciting successful accidents but also the not so successful which still contributes towards developing. Funnily enough I find great resemblance from the very first mark making exercises where each drawing attempt encouraged to exist by a different means of media use with my personal project Part 5. What started as a discovery of the importance of the mark making process in relation to personal emotional attachment, re-appeared by this time in a more mature and self-conscious manner as one of the protagonist elements of my final project. I am aware that the purpose for each and every exercise was to gradually allow personal development where one new knowledge and art experience is built on a previous one.

Taking seriously on board my tutor’s feedback this made me acknowledge areas where I needed to continue working harder so that I could improve. Even though I am not a first timer in art, having gone through drawing 1 has in a positive way forced me to work on an almost daily basis. It is this daily art work consistency that feeds from determination and passion for art that has allowed me to progress and evolve towards more mature art level.

As part of the curatorial rationale having to choose which art work and supporting studies would best reflect my most successful final outcomes proved to enhance more self-awareness; a personal voice. I tried to include art work that showed diversity, risk taking, adventure, connection, coherency, personal identity and self-expression. At this point in time it appears that I lean more towards more expressive work. The last project 5 “A personal project” is the transitioning bridge between drawing and painting where I used both drawing and painting media.

Looking at Part 1 right to the end of Part 4 and 5 it becomes apparent to me that I have improved my technical skills but that there is still a long road ahead called “My art journey”; keeping the promise to myself to fulfill my dream.

I am actually excited to continue with Painting. I am ready to get those hands messy!!!

If you would like to follow me on the next milestone of my art journey…… you will find me at: https://rosefineartpainting1.wordpress.com/


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