Assignment 2

  For this second assignment there were three things I wanted to do; go bigger scale, break some rules and grab the opportunity to create more expressive outcomes. Between the three subject choices I chose the animals BUT!!!!!……………… Approached this theme conceptually form a different perspective. That is, use the human figure; after all us […]

Exercise 5 Mixed Media

This exercise aimed at experimenting with different out of the comfort zone media. This was also an exciting venture for me. Oil Pastel Wax/ink restringing sketch (A3): I still wanted to get a bit more out of the wax resistant technique but this time I wanted to use more colors and more wax/oil pastel line […]

Exercise 4 Line and wash

Aim: make rapid expressive mark making statements with the use of media that would include line and a wash effect. I definitely preferred this exercise to the previous one as there was more free drawing expression while still keeping up with the challenge to achieve tonal value. I began with smaller scale drawings A3 and […]

Exercise 3 Tonal study

Aim: work on a large scale and work the tonal value of the composition to convey the volume of forms and subtle gradation with the tone areas. I wanted to try something a bit different and more challenging this time and decided to include more of the traditional living room space within the A2 compositional […]