Research Point: Historic and contemporary artist whose work involves the underlying structure of the body.

  The human body has fascinated both the world of science and art throughout the centuries as mankind’s inquisitive nature into discovering new knowledge. Knowledge for the human anatomy that inspired artist, helped with discovering how the human body functions and finding cures to diseases. Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci’s anatomical drawings One […]

Reseach Point: Foreshortening

Looking up the definition of foreshortening: to reduce or distort (parts of a represented object that are not parallel to the picture plane) in order to convey the illusion of three-dimensional space as perceived by the human eye: often done according to the rules of perspective. (,ssl&ei=Z88bVu3JD8etU_TWh9gN#q=definition+of+foreshortening+in+art) The fist painting that comes to mind that […]

Research Point: How the depiction of the male and female nude has changed over the centuries

Before proceeding in researching historically into how the depiction of the male and female nude has changed over the centuries, one must first acknowledge how a particular society at a particular time in history perceives the concept of nudity and nakedness. Venus von Willendorf Going back to the paleolithic era estimation of 24,000-22,000BC, one of […]

Research Point: Personal response to historic and contemporary figurative art

I intend to approach this research point through a brief reference to the evolution to the depiction of the human figurative form while noting down my personal response to historical and contemporary artworks that have inspired and made an impression on me. Figurative art involves the depiction of the human form through drawing, painting, sculpture, […]