Exercise 2 Your own face

The Mad Facade I was concerned with this exercise as I do not want to reveal my identity especially with the depiction of my self-portrait. After having consulted my tutor who knows about the true nature of my wish not to reveal my facial identity she agreed for me to approach this exercise from a […]

Research Point: Looking at historic and contemporary artists who work on the face in different ways.

There is nothing more fascinating than when an artist’s work captures an inventive spirit through concept, new technique and fluent use of new art material. Borrowing an aspect of their work and attempting to imitate it or use it as a basis for inspiration gives this inquisitive learning journey a fun element because in the […]


Exercise 1 Facial Features I particularly found this exercise a good disciplined opportunity to scope into each facial structure individually while trying to capture in some drawings more tonal sensitivity. I mainly visually referred to anatomy books, web sites and artists work such as Choi Xooang and Korean artist Sung Jin Kim. I kept it […]

Exercise 2 Groups of figures

With all that cold wet weather and home bound with me coming down with something sinister for this exercise I had to resort to looking into my photo archives where I had captured groups of figures. The first two drawings were drawn from photos taken from Portugal, Porto. I remember clearly taking photos of the […]

Project 5 The moving figure

Exercise 1 Single moving figure For this exercise I visited my niece’s dancing school. What better way to capture movement. So I packed my charcoals, inks and soft pastels and headed to the contemporary ballet school. Prior to this though I carried out a bit of research on contemporary artists whose artwork captures the essence […]

Exercise 2 Three figure drawings

  The Standing pose For the “Standing” figure drawing I aimed at showing the basic structural principles but also to use a new combination of media but after having carried out research into an artist, hoping to borrow something new and produce something exciting….. Fingers crossed. I was a bit surprised by the choice of […]